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The Essence of Style

Are you in love with a design, but it happens to be from a few fashion seasons ago? Not a problem. Just get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to repurpose/revamp it for you. I love providing this flexible option to all of my clients, as I know it makes a world of a difference to them. Please get in touch for more information regarding repurposing your apparel.


In person Closet Revamp is for Dallas (DFW) locals only.
Consultaion : 30 min in person consultation is $50
Cost of wardrobe revamp starts at $200 with a minimum of 4 items
Price varies according to intricacy of redesign.
Contact info@zamghuden.com for a more personalized quote.


What was once thrown to the back of the closet has made its way to the forefront through clothing recycling to up-cycling! Every piece below was recreate out of throw away garments.