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Custom Kente Shorts

Kente Custom shorts are a must have for sunny weather!

You can choose your own kent fabric from 500+ choices. You can add fray or cuffed ends, tie up laces, glitter and beads.

measurements must be included


Measurements required. (Leave in notes section)

High Waist(around navel or narrowest part of abdomen)

Low waist (lower waist, where low rise jeans would buckle)

Hip (widest part of your butt)

Length: ( for high waist shorts measure from high waist down thigh where you would like length to stop

Length:( for low rise shorts measure from low waist down thigh to where you would like length to stop.


Also add in the notes whether or not you want cuffed shorts or frayed.


Please email info@zamghuden.com to pick out fabrics.

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